Owner is a Vietnam Veteran (Served Four Tours)
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About Fieo's Appliance Repair in Collegeville, PA

Microwave Oven Being Repaired – Appliance Repair and Services in Collegeville, PA
At Fieo's Appliance Repair, we believe that the key to our success is customer satisfaction. We have been providing Collegeville and the surrounding area with a combination of outstanding service, products and reliability.
People rely on appliances for everything from washing clothes to preserving food. Because they are so essential to everyday life, it is important that appliances work properly. It can be a great inconvenience when appliances break not only because they've become unreliable, but also because the cost to replace them is usually high. At Fieo's Appliance Repair, we understand this and offer you an alternative solution to buying new appliances.
Our Skills
Today's appliance repair work demands an advanced set of skills and comprehensive understanding of mechanical and electrical systems. We train our technicians to be experts in these areas to ensure that we're able to correctly service your major appliances. Whether or not your appliance is still covered by warranty, our skilled professionals will perform the required repairs to the highest industry standards.
Call us at (610) 489-0203 today to schedule an appointment! Your satisfaction with our service is our priority.